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zac godwin2 Zac Godwin Nov 27, 2014

The talented frontman of local covers band Lobes of Julia, Zac Goodwin,...

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pierce-brothers Pierce Brothers Nov 28, 2014

Twin brothers Jack and Pat Pierce will showcase world-class harmonies, pop hooks...

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lobes of julia Lobes of Julia Nov 29, 2014

Considered to be among the Valley's brightest young stars, Lobes of Julia...

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Thorpygigpig Jarbeque Nov 29, 2014

Jarbeque plays classic rock favorites in the true pub rock tradition.

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Drunken Ninja Gigpig birthday Nov 29, 2014

To celebrate its first birthday, Gigpig joins Bubstone (headlining) and Drunken Ninja,...

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The Dirt Floor The Dirt Floor Nov 29, 2014

The Dirt Floor play world rock fusion, drawing on worldwide influences.

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Julianne Bremner gig Julianne Bremner Nov 30, 2014

Julianne Bremner is fun and funky, turning a quiet Sunday drink into...

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The McCrackens Open mic session Nov 30, 2014

On the last Sunday of every month, Foster Golf Club opens its...

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GRBC Logo Gippsland Rhythm & Blues Nov 30, 2014

Gippsland Rhythm & Blues Club 's Xmas in November Blues Jam is...

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IMG_1936 Open mic/ Jam session Nov 30, 2014

A fun and relaxed atmosphere with host band The McCrackens kicking the...

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Sizzling music choices
21 November 2014

Sweet sexy summer, I've got my gigging knickers all a-twist! There's so much choice this [...]
Gigpig birthday bash
27 October 2014
Photo of Gippsland covers band Bubstone.

Gigpig has joined with rocking covers bands Bubstone and Drunken Ninja, both fine examples of [...]
Your gigging weekend sorted
16 October 2014
Julianne Bremner gig - news

Yes it is a fine season to be a lover of live music. This weekend, [...]
Live music line-up this weekend
02 October 2014

Bit of a buzz around this weekend in Gippsland with loads of  live music options [...]

Party Animal

Party Animal

Sweet sexy summer, I've got my gigging knickers all a-twist! There's so much choice this sunny season when it comes to music festivals in Gippsland [...]

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