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lobes of julia Lobes of Julia Feb 27, 2015

Considered to be among the Valley's brightest young stars, Lobes of Julia...

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Photo of Gippsland band Small Mercies. Danny Eddy Feb 27, 2015

Acoustic performer Danny Eddy will set you up for the weekend with...

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The Vanns The Vanns Feb 27, 2015

Their style is described as "infectious, earthy, guitar-driven rock" and The Vanns,...

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MOJO OIL Poster Mojo Oil Feb 27, 2015

Lots of covers and fun songs you all know presented by the...

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Musician Matt-Peter Fry Matt Fry Feb 27, 2015

Today's hits, classic, country and everything in between, solo acoustic artist Matt-Peter...

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Photo of Gippsland band Small Mercies. Small Mercies Feb 28, 2015

Gippsland musicians Danny Eddy, Miles and Joel join together to bring you...

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Dave - Espy Gig Amnesia Blues Band – Cri Front Bar Feb 28, 2015

For some of the best blues you will get in Sale (head to...

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the dirt floor Caleb Clua Feb 28, 2015

Vocalist/guitarist with the rocking Gippsland covers band Lobes of Julia, Caleb Clua...

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brody young - news Boolarra Folk Festival Feb 28, 2015

A free music festival featuring 13 acts and a food, art and...

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ticklebelly02 Tickbelly Hill Mar 1, 2015

Tickbelly Hill is a duo comprising George and Lisa - look out...

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Another Fantastic Folk Festival
01 March 2015
Gippsland musician Daniel Calabro: All anyone could say was "wow".

The 13th free Boolarra Folk Festival was, as usual, a seamless, joyful, relaxed community event. Highlights [...]
Advertise on Gigpig? You betcha!
27 February 2015
Gigpig logo

We just got a little bit of a tingle. Yes, we're feeling a bit pleased [...]
Gigpiggers get ready!
26 February 2015
2014 boolarra folk festival 144

It is going to be a BIG WEEKEND of live music here in Gippsland, as [...]
Sweet as summer
11 January 2015
Mojo Juju

Yes the pig got along to yesterday's Summer of Soul festival at Mossvale Park near [...]

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